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Bed bug populations

Are on the rise

We are the #1 Bed Bug Solution


We are seeing a resurgence of Bed Bugs in the USA today.  We are bringing them into our homes, hotels, college campuses, military bases, fire departments, and movie theaters among other places.



our Approach 

Our Team of Trained K-9 Handlers will inspect the premise for Bed Bugs both by K-9 and visual detection.

 IF bed bugs are detected 


We use a Thermal Heat Remediation process with our TEMP-AIR equipment, designed to eradicate Bed Bugs . Applying heat is an eco-friendly approach that is able to reach the insects in their hiding spaces.  Bed Bugs have been known to build up a resistance to chemicals but they can not tolerate or hide from the heat treatment. 


3 key for success


 Apply Heat

 Our Heaters safely raise the room temperature between 120-   135°F.  This dry heat kills the entire life cycle of the Bed Bugs.


 We Monitor in real time from a remote location using wireless sensors   to ensure lethal temperatures are reached without damaging the   space or contents.

 Move Air

 High powered fans move heated air throughout the space to reach   insects in cracks and crevices or high infestation e i

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